Thursday, 26 November 2009

Return to the Coa

This is one of those battlefields which reward plenty of time to wander and ponder or just sit and think or read. Our previous visit was with a coach load of tourists, when we had little time to appreciate the finer points of the battlefield.

This time we had a full afternoon and evening, and we came prepared with many descriptions of the battle, including some first hand accounts. We also had time to ramble around the area and take lots of photographs.

You can see them all here:

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Jan and I returned to Almeida and spend a couple of days exploring the town and surrounding area. To read about the visit and see the photographs taken click on "Walking Portugal and Spain Two" on the right

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fort Conception

This week deals with our visit to this isolated and abandoned fort on the Spanish and Portuguese border, which was a temporary home to the Light Division between 1810 and 1813.

You can read the blog by clicking on the link to Portugal and Spain Two on the right.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cuidad Rodrigo

We had enjoyed our first visit to Cuidad Rodrigo that we included it in our second visit to Portugal and Spain. This time we were on our own, and had more time to explore the town and the area where the allied guns were positioned to bombard the town.

This is the first new blog since I reorganised the Walking Napoleonic Battlefields blog. You can read about this visit by clicking on Portugal and Spain Two on the right

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

New Links for Walking Napoleonic Battlefields

When I started the blog I did not realise that it would be running out of space so quickly, but I now find that I have already used 75% of the storeage capacity for photographs on this blog. One of the main reasons is the large number of photographs on the Walking Napoleonic Battlefields blog. So I have started a new blog for all future reports. I have also taken the opportunity to move alll of the old ones, and arrange them in three seperate blogs as follows:

Walking Waterloo

Quatre Bras
La Haye Sainte
The Left Flank

Walking Portugal and Spain with Holts

Elvas and Fort Christoval
The Coa
Fuentes de Onoro

Walking Portugal and Spain on our own

Torres Vedras
Poco Velho
Fuentes de Onoro
Cuidad Rodrigo
Fort Conception
The Coa

Northern Spain and the Pyrenees

I will continue to use this blog to announce each new battlefield covered, and with a link to the new blog concerned.