Monday, 22 February 2010


The fourth battlefield we visited during our visit to northern Spain and the Pyrenees was Sorauren. This was the major battle fought over three days in July 1813 to protect the siege of Pamplona.

Sorauren is an attractive village a few miles north of Pamplona. The area is little changed since 1813 and is a very easy battlefield to explore. The ridge which formed Wellington's position overlooks the village, and is an easy climb.

The bridge where Wellington scribbled his orders to change the direction of march of his reinforcements is also easy to find. Best of all there is a very pleasant inn beside the river where you can sip a cool beer within sight of the famous bridge.

Pamplona is also well situated to visit four Napoleonic battlefields. Sorauren, Maya, Roncesvalles and Vitoria. So there is a lot to recommend it as a base to explore this part of Wellington's 1813 campaign.

You can read about our visit to Sorauren at:

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