Friday, 25 June 2010


The bridge at Orthez

Orthez is a battlefield we had long wanted to visit, and one which I had done more preparation prior to our visit than normal. I had managed to get hold of a very good map showing not only unit locations but also contour lines. So I felt confident that we would have a successful and enjoyable visit.

However it proved less than a complete success. We managed to find the church of St Boes and the main French position. We also found the Roman Camp, which had been Wellington's command post during the battle. From here I had planned to follow the route of his attack. Unfortunately the Roman Camp was completely covered by a dense woods and a thick undergrowth. Despite walking around the base of the whole hill we were unable to make our way to the summit or indeed any point which would give us a view of the battlefield.

We expended so much time and energy on trying to reach Wellington's command post that we had little left to explore the rest of the battlefield. By mid afternoon we had enough, and settled for a visit to the town of Orthez instead. It had not played any part in the battle, but is a very attractive and interesting town in its own right.

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