Monday, 13 September 2010

Some thoughts on Walking Napoleonic Battlefields

Torres Vedras 1994

I have just finished the Summary on Austerlitz

This has prompted me to review the progress so far.

I started this blog in April 2009, with our visit to Waterloo - the first battlefield of many we were to walk.

Since then I have written a blog pretty well every week, and covered our visits to

Spain and Portugal with Holts
Spain and Portugal on our own
Northern Spain
The Pyrenees

Its been great fun writing up the blogs. The research has involved looking back through our old photograph albumns and reading the old diaries written during the visits. It has been very nostalgic and at times emotional.

And its not over yet.

The next blog will cover our visit to Napoleon's Battles in Northern Germany with Midas Tours. Then will come our 10 days in Italy on our own. Finally another 10 days around Vienna and a longer stay at Austerlitz.

So if you have enjoyed them so far, you are in for a treat in the coming months.

Thanks for following the blog.

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